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Our rums

Casa Baru 5 YO

Casa Baru 5 years

Our Five Year is an exceptional Pure Single rum. Produced in  our distillery in Chiriquí, using artisanal cane honey exclusively from local farms.

We finish the liquid in specialty barrels which impart character and complexity to each drop, giving a unique taste of Panama in every bottle. 

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Distilled in a copper still from artisanal sugare cane syrupe, Casa Barú Blanco elegantly displays the delicate fruity, citrus and fresh cane notes imparted by our double distillation.

This is a white rum with a distinctive character that will completely change your view of what a white rum can be.

Premium rums from Chiriquí

Casa Baru is an exceptional pure rum, made in our distillery in Chiriquí, using artisanal sugar cane syrup exclusively from surrounding farms.

Once distilled, we use barrel finishes to add character and complexity to each drop.

We don't add anything to our rum - no colorings or sweeteners - which means that the taste of Casa Barú is the taste of pure Panama.


Pure rum from the heart of Panama

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Dick Barba’s career has taken him all around the world, immersing him in the traditions of spirit-making, from Rum and Tequila to American Whisky and Scotch.


But he always dreamt of setting up his own distillery in the perfect place to create a premium craft rum to be proud of. And that led him into the heart of Panama.


He started in a small laboratory in Panama City, but soon discovered that molasses (found in most of the world’s rums and a by-product of the sugar industry) wasn’t giving him the results he wanted. He decided to experiment with artisanal sugarcane syrup from the Chiriquí highlands. He was so blown away by the results that the next day he travelled 600 km to meet the local farmer and talk business.


He immediately fell in love with the location – rich volcanic soil, a rainforest climate and a high altitude perfect for slow maturation. Inspired by Scotch whiskies, he started making rum in copper stills and there, in our small distillery a few miles from the sugar cane farmer, he started crafting a world-class rum.


The first distillates he made were so well-received, especially amongst rum-lovers and Panama City bartenders alike, that it became very clear to him that he had created a very special liquid which he had to share with the world.




Locally grown artisanal
sugarcane syrup.

The best ingredients


Copper pot stills 
copper give character and flavor.



Matured in
oak barrels.




Global Brands  – Riba Smith – SHR Duty Free – Intimo – Kaandela – Pedro Mandinga – Teka
and many more...

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