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The Casa Barú distillery is pleased to announce the opening of the Private Client Cask Sales Programme.  This is a unique opportunity for you to own a cask of our Super-Premium Pot Still Single Estate Rum.  An exceptional liquid, bottled with personalised labels, with the flexibility to age to your own requirements. 

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Our rum comes straight from the fields around our distillery in the Chiriqui highlands, where local farmers grow sugarcane in the rich, black volcanic soil and temperate rainforest climate.


While many rums use molasses (a by-product of sugar refining), we insist on pure, artisanal sugarcane syrup. This is distilled by our team, who have 40+ years rum-making experience between them, in traditional copper pot stills.


Obsessed by quality and craft, our philosophy is to avoid colouring and sweetening in order to create a truly special rum. It means the only liquid in our casks is what we’ve made ourselves: a taste of pure Panama.


We are excited to offer our clients the following choice of unique rums: 

  • Our super-premium Casa Baru Rum, made with locally-produced artisanal sugarcane syrup. 

  • Our Pot Still Rum - unique to Casa Baru, using an innovative technique borrowed from Bourbon-makers. 

  • The choice of our delicious range of barrel finish series casks, including Moscatel, Pedro Jiminez and many more. 


Contact us for pricing and details

Tanks for your message!

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